Decorative Arts - Idea Decoupage

Découpage products
Imagination in fragments of memories cut out and composed. Decoupage means recuperating the best of a world, a world so vast and varied that it cannot be reduced and interpreted, in other words, redesigned. You take it as found, cutting out the fragments that, recouped and mounted, create a new image of our tastes. An image that, set by varnish, reappears in the light of a new, illusory durability. Fine papers featuring motifs and rich compositions, creating thematic sheets. Specific products, glues, varnishes, aging patinas that achieve and surpass the specificity of one’s task, becoming one with the cutting or cutout, undisturbed through time.
14 products 75 ml, 125 ml, 500 ml, 2 spray 400 ml


Degree of lightfastness

Highest degree of lightfastness

Symbol GHS (Globalisation Harmonisation System)

Hazardous to thea quatic environment

Cmr1, Stot1 Aspiration hazard

Skin irritation

Flammable liquids


Compressed gases

Oxidizing Liquids

Acute toxicity

Skin corrosion

First application: 100% Maimeri Puro colour: Maimeri Puro tints are highly concentrated so some colours appear very dark when used in their pure form.

Second application: 50% Maimeri Puro colour + 50% Colourless Medium, i.e. a neutral unpigmented paste. This medium is used for thinning the tints, enhancing the flow and emphasizing the depth of the thinned colour.

Third application: 10% Maimeri Puro colour + 90% Glazing Medium to emphasize the sheen of the tint and the different degree of opaqueness between the colours.

Fourth application: 50% Maimeri Puro colour + 50% Titanium White, to emphasize the undertone of the tint and highlight the concentration.