Decorative Arts - Idea Patina

Antiquing patinas
Even in antiquity the noble patina time gave metals like copper and bronze was considered an asset. This appreciation of patina continues throughout the medieval and Renaissance epochs when recipes were devised for it up to the present date. In modern times, with the advent of great decorators, creating a patina became an art. Today, Idea Patina is a revolutionary range of products created for whatever type of use, hobby or professional, perfectly reproducing the look of aged patinas or the alteration or oxidation of metallic surfaces, with efficacious chemical transformations remaining stable through time.
8 colours, 2 medium 60 ml


Degree of lightfastness

Highest degree of lightfastness

Symbol GHS (Globalisation Harmonisation System)

Hazardous to thea quatic environment

Cmr1, Stot1 Aspiration hazard

Skin irritation

Flammable liquids


Compressed gases

Oxidizing Liquids

Acute toxicity

Skin corrosion

First application: 100% Maimeri Puro colour: Maimeri Puro tints are highly concentrated so some colours appear very dark when used in their pure form.

Second application: 50% Maimeri Puro colour + 50% Colourless Medium, i.e. a neutral unpigmented paste. This medium is used for thinning the tints, enhancing the flow and emphasizing the depth of the thinned colour.

Third application: 10% Maimeri Puro colour + 90% Glazing Medium to emphasize the sheen of the tint and the different degree of opaqueness between the colours.

Fourth application: 50% Maimeri Puro colour + 50% Titanium White, to emphasize the undertone of the tint and highlight the concentration.